An Introduction

Fibromyalgia is currently one of the fastest growing disorders in this country with up to 5% of the population being affected. Although extreme pain throughout the body is its chief complaint, a constellation of other symptoms co-occurs.  For all the wonders and miracles that mainstream medicine has performed in the last 50 years, little has been offered to those suffering with fibromyalgia. 
The reason for this lack of effective treatments is as follows:  Conventional medicine views disease in a linear fashion.  In other words, ‘one’ cause leads to ‘one’ disease for which there is ‘one’ drug that treats it.  When treating conditions that have a clear cause, like plagues, infections, and traumas, this approach has proven miraculous.  Unfortunately, approaching chronic disorders, like fibromyalgia, in this fashion leads to meager results. 
Fibromyalgia is a multi-causal, multi-factorial, complicated disorder that must be viewed from a more global perspective.  Imagine a jigsaw puzzle where each piece represents a ‘cause’ or ‘co-trigger’ of fibromyalgia.  There would be pieces with the following names: hormonal imbalances, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, detoxification dysfunction, cellular energy deficit, low growth hormone, psychological disorders, stress, and poor nutritional status.  All of these pieces contribute to the whole puzzle.  The best approach is to evaluate each ‘piece’ and prioritize its contribution.

The Protocol

To address this we begin by performing a number of cutting-edge, innovative tests that uncover metabolic, nutritional and hormonal glitches.  Along, with these tests, an in-depth questionnaire is filled out.  Then, the data is interwoven, and analyzed for patterns and consistency.  After this, you will meet with Daniel Wasserman DOM, for a functional examination and a thorough review of findings.  During this meeting, a customized treatment plan is designed that seeks to balance the person at their root, thereby treating the PERSON and not the DISEASE.

Continue here for a description of the The Ten Tests Protocol:

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